To NASSERT-BEET Product user
Be sure to read before work, after work, before entrainment and after entrainment.
Please carry out in a shop or each one of responsibility in attachment.
Please read a description well in the case of attachment of a product, check part mark, and it should surely perform a bundle, and its each part article should fasten increase.
Engine, an exhaust pipe, a silencer, etc. serve as high temperature very much when machine running, and after an engine stop for the time being. In case you work, after you use a work glove etc. and engine has got cold, please work carefully. Moreover, fully keep in mind that there is a possibility of getting a burn and injured in all work processes.
In stopping and parking, please fully grasp the situation of the vehicles circumference and be careful of it to touch surrounding people and a surrounding thing and not to carry out burn, damage, etc. Moreover, if a body cover is immediately applied after an engine stop or the thing which is easy to burn is in a side, it becomes the cause of a fire and is very dangerous.
It is dangerous to start engine in sealed places, such as a garage, or the place where ventilation is bad. Please perform check, attachment, and starting in the place whose ventilation is possible enough. Moreover, please work in the flat place where the scaffold became brave.
Engine is once put into operation, and if engine is stopped before a warming up is completed, it will become corrosion and a cause out of condition, without the ability evaporating the steam generated inside engine or the muffler. Moreover, please keep in mind before a run to perform warming up operation.
Please exchange for a new article immediately the parts damaged by the accident, the fall, etc. Moreover, please exchange periodically also about article of consumption.
Please do not perform wearing of those other than the specified motorcycle which is indicated by the product and attachment by any means.
Also with the product with which it was equipped and which was correctly used as the description, when abnormalities are appears, please stop the use immediately, and take suitable measures, such as check, repair, and exchange, promptly.
After part exchange, please make sure to fasten increases periodically, and there is no interference with other each part.
Please do not perform processing, the reconstruction, and the unsuitable repair which are not due to directions of our company by any means.
Muffler supplement
* Gaskets should surely exchange for a new article.
* Keep in mind enough that there is a case where the minimum ground quantity is low depending on the model at the time of passage of a level difference etc.
* After attachment do not test-ride immediately, and has neither rickety of each part, nor the existence of the omission in exhaust in the warming-up machine state, or please surely perform check and check.
* Silence material is an article of consumption. Please keep periodical exchange and maintenance in mind. (Since exchange of silence material is also heard for counter value in our company, please consult freely.)
Back Step supplement
* Please check movement of the pedal and dragging of rear brake. If necessary, please release air.
FRP product supplement
* Please be careful to not too bolting. There is a possibility that product break.
* Please attach temporarily for fitting of attachment position, and attach surely later.
* Please be careful that front fender does not touch front tire.
Cover product supplement
* Gaskets should surely exchange for a new article.
* Please be careful to not too bolting. There is a possibility that product break.
* After attaching, please check the existence of oil leak. If necessary, please add oil surely. Finally, please dispose waste fluid adequately.