While producing the unique 2-cylinder exhaust note, a new sub-silencer has been adopted to produce a powerful exhaust note with heavy bass while also passing the close exhaust volume regulations. (Proximity exhaust sound 89db)
Expresses an aggressive style by including a silencer installation stay specific to the vehicle model.
Smooth acceleration feeling with flat characteristics from low to high rotations.
The surface treatment of heat-resistant titanium alloy (SUPER TIX®) titanium pipe is heat-finished to achieve both beautiful appearance and stain resistance.
The silencer has a shell length of 350mm and is available in three colors: clear titanium, blue titanium, and metal black.
Compared to the normal weight of 8.4kg, it is approximately 5.7kg, approximately 32% lighter.
Oil and oil filter exchanges (*1) are possible while the muffler is attached.
*1) When replacing the oil filter, take care not to get oil on the exhaust pipe.
*Pannier case and top case bracket, which are genuine options, cannot be installed.

NASSERT Evolution TypeII
22- Ninja650 (Blue Titanium Silencer)


 Racing Titanium Muffler

It is a racing titanium muffler that can be used for the super twin class.
The name is NASSERT-R Evolution TyapeU.
The exhaust pipe is made of Heat-resistant titanium (SUPER TIX@ Titanium pipe), and the silencer is made of Titanium or Blue Titanium.
Weight is lighter about 3.5kg than genuine exhaust (about 8.0kg), and sound volume is 101dB at 5,500rpm.
Oil change and filter change are possible even with the muffler attached.
Includes a racing silencer stay. (Does not support two-seaters)
With A / F sensor boss. 
02 sensor can be attached with the included adapter.
Standard steps can be used together.


NASSERT-R Evolution TypeII Racing Titanium Muffler
17- Ninja650 (Blue Titanium Silencer)


Full exhaust system for Ninja650 was carried out. The name is 'NASSERT Evolution TypeU'. The exhaust pipe is made of Titanium, and the silencer is made of Clear Titanium, Blue Titanium, and Metal Black. Weight is lighter about 4.5kg than genuine exhaust (about 8.0kg). While wearing the exhaust, you can oil change and oil filter replacement. It comes with a dedicated silencer stay.

Applicable Model : 2BL-ER650H
Applicable Engine Model : ER650AE/ER650KE

A genuine option's pannier case and top case bracket cannot be installed.

NASSERT Evolution TypeII
Ninja650 ABS (Blue Titanium Silencer)

Product Loudness *2 Material Silencer(Diameter/Length) Price Code No.
22- NASSERT Evolution TypeII JMCA 89dB TI/TI   ¥230,000 0223-KI2-50
TI/BL ¥235,000 0223-KI2-BL
TI/MB ¥240,000 0223-KI2-MB
NASSERT-R Evolution TypeII Racing Titanium Muffler 101dB TI/TI   ¥205,000 1002-B61-50
TI/BL ¥210,000 1002-B61-BL
NASSERT Evolution TypeII JMCA 90dB TI/TI   ¥200,000 0223-KD7-50
TI/BL ¥205,000 0223-KD7-BL
TI/MB ¥210,000 0223-KD7-MB
*Material of Exhaust pipe & Silencer TI…Titanium, BL…Blue Titanium, MB…Metal Black
*2 Sound volume is a reference value at the time of a new article until it gets tired. Volume has changed according to using it. Since silence material is an article of consumption, when volume increases, please use our company repair service (onerous: in part a type of a car exchange of Silencer ASSY).
BEET Original Parts

Hyper Bank(Silver/Foldable Foot Pegs)
Reverse shift specification
Hyper Bank Color Order

Product Code No. Price Back(mm)/UP(mm) Shift Reversible Tandem Remarks
Hyper Bank(Fixed foot peg)(Silver) 0111-KD7-20 ¥68,000 40/30,52/30,52/42,64/42,64/54 Disable    
Hyper Bank(Reverse Shift)(Silver) 0111-KD7-30 ¥68,000 Order Made    
Tilt Step
0114-K00-00 ¥16,000 STD/20,-10/20      

Taper bar handle Conversion KIT

Bar handle Conversion KIT ¥29,000
Bar handle Conversion KIT with brace ¥32,000

Machine protector

Steering-UP collar*

Low down link SET

Aluminum Link Plate SET

17- Radiator guard

Cowling Mirror Blind SET

Product Code No. Price Remarks
Taper bar handle Conversion KIT 0605-KD7-T4 ¥33,000  
Bar handle Conversion KIT 0605-KD7-14 ¥29,000  
Bar handle Conversion KIT with brace(Black) 0605-KD7-44 ¥32,000
Bar handle Conversion KIT with brace(Gold) 0605-KD7-54 ¥32,000
Bar handle Clamp KIT 0605-KD7-50 ¥20,000
Machine protector 0618-KD7-00 ¥13,000  
Steering-UP collar* 0418-KD7-00 ¥3,000  
Low down link SET 0420-KD7-04 ¥10,000  
17- Radiator guard 0621-KD7-00 ¥16,000  
Cowling Mirror Blind SET(Black) 0423-000-04 ¥5,500
Cowling Mirror Blind SET(Silver) 0423-000-09 ¥5,500
Aluminum Link Plate SET(Silver) 0420-KG7-09 ¥16,000  
Aluminum Link Plate SET(Gold) 0420-KG7-10 ¥16,000
*Product ended after inventory.